Tips for choosing damascus wedding rings

damascus wedding rings

Wedding rings have a very special importance in the wedding and in the life after the wedding, because they symbolize the unique union. Therefore, it is essential to know how to choose the right size, the most suitable material and take care of every detail.

Here you will find the best tips for choosing the size, material, shape and finish of the rings of the future spouses.

Damascus wedding rings are the star jewel of the wedding celebrations, as they are the symbol of the union of the couple for life. That is why it is important to choose the perfect ring.

The wedding rings should follow the same design line, they can be the same in material and color but look for differentiation in the width or in some detail. Here are some details about the wedding rings that you can choose in jewelry stores.

Tips for choosing wedding rings

To choose the ideal wedding rings, it is essential that you take into account the following aspects: ring size, manufacturing material, model, details and engraving. Yes, an original engraving makes it unique in the world.

  1. Size of the wedding rings

The size of the ring is made to measure in the jewelry store so that it fits the finger allowing a comfortable movement, without squeezing the skin. The width of the wedding ring can be proportional to the size of the finger, so that his ring would be wider. For example, a width of 3 mm for sizes 8-12, 4 mm for sizes 13-18 or 5 mm from size 19.

  1. Material of the wedding rings

Gold rings are the most requested, classic yellow gold or in a more modern version white or rose gold, or other metals such as platinum and silver for younger couples. A different option is the bicolor rings that use two different colored materials or the same one in two different textures.

It is also important to customize the finish of the wedding rings in gloss, matte or matte, textured, matte-sand, stippled or enameled.

How many prongs should the wedding band have?

Here we must make an important stop: If you can afford it, do not skimp on the price of damascus wedding rings. They are symbols of a union and should be treated with the same importance.

Now, the most common is to opt for 14, 18 or 24 karat gold. The more carats a ring has, the more pure, resistant and expensive it will be.

A more modern and economical option is to opt for wedding rings made of silver, platinum or titanium. The latter is heavier and more durable.

  1. Model of wedding rings

The classic half-round (rounded surface) wedding rings are the all-time classic. And, for those who are not used to wearing a ring, a more comfortable version are the almond-shaped wedding rings with a small rounding on the inside.

If what you are looking for is a simple ring but that is out of the classic, flat wedding rings (with a smooth surface) are more modern.

  1. Details of wedding rings

In recent years, the aesthetics of wedding rings have evolved a lot. You have them in minimalist models, with borders, with reliefs, with different finishes… Always opt for unique models, not necessarily similar but that complement each other.

In front of the classic plain wedding ring you can choose a model that incorporates a detail such as a brilliant or diamond embedded, an element to differentiate the wedding ring from her.

As we have been saying, damascus wedding rings do not have to be the same or match. This is a decision that always depends on the couple and, in most cases, the mutual choice is always the most perfect.